Manuscript Collections

This collection contains the autobiography of Robert Goddard and related writings, letters, notes and clippings compiled by Edwin Aldrin, Sr.

This collection includes documents, coursework, working papers and subject files, correspondence, writings, speeches, photographs, and newspaper clippings related to Neil A. Armstrong's education, Navy career, training and career as a test pilot and astronaut, his career as a professor of engineering, and roles as advisor and participant for various commissions.

This collection includes documents, photographs, awards and certificates, textbooks, notebooks, and audiovisual materials that document the life and career of astronaut Roy Bridges Jr. Included are numerous awards, drawings, and personalized photographs and mementos given to Bridges in appreciation of his service and leadership.

This collection consists of two Space Shuttle patches with certificates of authenticity, signed by Purdue alum and astronaut, Colonel Mark N. Brown.

Includes flight logs, aerial photographs and negatives of Northern Indiana farms, churches, schools and businesses, clippings, business records, homemade aerial photography equipment and miscellaneous items used in Indiana pilot Ralph Brown’s aerial photography and survey business. Also includes Brown’s personal journal, which contains stories, including, “My First Solo Flight, and “Flying Dangerous or Not?”

The Eugene Cernan papers include programs, newspaper clippings, athletic and academic awards from Cernan’s youth as well as documents, writings, and artifacts from his Navy and NASA careers. Also included are correspondence, photographs, mission reports, interviews, awards and certificates, writings – including notes, correspondence and the manuscript for Cernan’s autobiography. This collection also includes several recorded speeches and appearances by Cernan, Purdue memorabilia, and framed items and memorabilia from Cernan’s Gemini and Apollo missions.

This collection of framed artifacts includes a small American flag, two space mission patches from Gemini IX and Apollo X, a Purdue University Centennial Year flag (1869-1969), and an accompanying note from astronaut Eugene Cernan.

This collection is comprised of a copy of the poem, "High Flight" by John Gillespie Magee Jr. taken aboard Apollo 10 by Eugene Cernan. It includes a note inscribed by Eugene Cernan.

This letter and postcard from July 1965 are from Roger Chaffee and Martha Chaffee to Roger’s parents. In the letter, Roger discusses an upcoming flight and the astronauts’ rotation as capsule communicators (CAPCOMS). He mentions Gus Grissom, Gene Cernan, Jim McDivitt, Buzz Aldrin, and Dave Scott. In the letter, both Roger and Martha discuss recent family activities at home. The postcard, dated July 1965, was sent by Roger from Iceland to his parents.

The Mary L. Cleave papers (1982 -1986) include flight crew reports from STS 1 to 5, STS 9, STS 11, STS 13, STS 41, 51D, 51F, 51I, and 61A.

This collection contains slide rules of six Purdue alumni astronauts: Neil Armstrong, Roy Bridges, Eugene Cernan, Richard Covey, Guy Gardner, and Jerry Ross.

This collection includes various gathered news clippings, photograph, pennants and magazines related to space exploration.

This collection documents Craig's 50 year career of technical, programmatic, strategy/policy, institutional, and public engagement contributions to the NASA human space exploration enterprise from Apollo to Lunar/Mars exploration. It includes papers, artifacts, memorabilia, and oral history interviews.

This collection includes one folder of correspondence and documents.

The George Palmer Putnam Collection of Amelia Earhart Papers documents the personal life, aviation career, and business activities of pilot Amelia Earhart. The Papers are divided into seven series: Flying Career, Personal and Family Life, Business Activities, Photographs, Scrapbooks, Artifacts, and Oversized Materials.

This collection documents Amelia Earhart’s arrival at Purdue University, her time there, and the efforts to memorialize Earhart after her disappearance. Types of materials include correspondence, ephemera, administrative reports, photographs, publicity materials, and speeches.

This collection includes engineer Larry Gee’s papers and U.S. Space Program memorabilia related to his twenty-two year career in Aeronautics.

This collection includes three 16mm films including a NASA film of Neil Armstrong’s Gemini VIII flight and performance testing of the Martin B-57.

This item is an “Apollo Design Reference Mission” poster produced by General Electric, 1965.

This collection includes correspondence, minutes, reports, and schedules related to the technical interface with the Russian Space Agency and its contractors to integrate Russian elements and systems into the International Space Station.

This collection includes photographs, correspondence, speeches, certificates, awards, and other materials documenting the personal and professional life of engineer Roberta Banszak Gleiter. It includes materials related to her work with The Aerospace Corporation.

The Jerome Goldman papers document Goldman’s career at Purdue as a pilot for Purdue Airlines. Types of materials include: financial papers, notes from college classes, flight manuals, technical manuals, slides, slide rules, and an aviation headset. There are some papers concerning the Midwest Program on Airborne Television Instruction that was conducted out of Purdue Airlines.

Research materials, recorded interviews, and correspondence related to the writing and publication of First Man, the authorized biography of Neil Armstrong by James R. Hansen.

This collection consists of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings of the 1928 National Air Races and Aeronautical Exposition, two autograph albums with comments and signatures of attendees from the 1929 and 1932 National Air Race competitions, and one photo album of the photographs from the 1929 races.

This collection includes artifacts, photographs, IBM related papers, space stamp collection, NASA program educational materials, Apollo program photographs, awards, certificates related to Janes’ engineering career with IBM and his work on the Apollo Program. Also included are Janes’ Purdue senior cords.

The James M. Johnson papers document the career of pilot James Johnson (Jimmy Johnson) and his colleagues in early flight and aviation training. Most of the collection is made up of photographs. There are also newspaper clippings and three pilot's log books. The photographs show Johnson standing with colleagues, including Curtiss, and trainees in or near airplanes, and airplanes individually. Many of the photographs were taken at North Beach California, Newport News, and McCook Field in Dayton, Ohio.

This collection includes correspondence and administrative files related to Purdue alumni astronauts Neil Armstrong, Roger Chaffee, Eugene Cernan, and Virgil “Gus” Grissom,

The Ralph S. Johnson papers (1935-2008; 14.2 cubic feet) document the pioneering aviation career of Ralph Johnson. Included are aeronautical engineering drawings, articles and papers authored by Johnson, newspaper clippings, awards, and photographs of the planes he flew during his career.

The Michael Terry Keefe papers (circa 1955-1998; 0.25 cubic feet) are comprised of news media passes, an adhesive patch, permits and color photographs taken by Michael Terry Keefe, Air Force Master Sergeant, photo journalist, 1955-1977 and retired Civil Service Air Force Chief, photo lab and range, 1977-1998. Some of the photographs include Space Shuttle shots, rocket launches, satellites and views from space.

The M. Jeanne Lucke papers (1968-1985; 0.25 cubic feet) reflect Lucke’s 20 years of employment with the TRW Systems Group. The types of material consists of an Apollo, Pathfinder and 2 Spacelab Mission adhesive patches, photographs with detailed descriptions of rocket launches and photographs of the planet Saturn taken from Voyager, along with a Titan IIIE/Centaur D-1T diagram and description.

This collection includes papers, newsletters, and correspondence Marchand collected 1986 - 1990 as part of the volunteer team for the Voyager Project. Included are reports Marchand's students at Purdue University wrote on the Voyager Project.

The James R. Maris papers (1944-1994; 4.8 cubic feet) document aspects of the Department of Aviation Technology’s administration and teaching. Papers include a department administrative procedures manual; Maris’ course outlines, lectures and notes for AT 358 and Aviation History class; publications and handbooks on aviation careers; records of Purdue’s Aviation Technology Flying Club including meeting minutes, reports, constitution, elections, scrapbook (1971-1973) and membership files, 1990-1994; a 1944 declassified maintenance manual (stamped “Aretz Flying Service, Lafayette, IN) for Army aircraft PT 19, 23, 26. Also includes over 500 slides documenting Dr. Maris’ work on experimental aircraft including the construction of a Starduster and Ultra Lites.

Documentation and research notes from twenty personal narratives of Huntington County, Indiana pilots and aviatrixes who flew during the early to mid-twentieth century. The research notes from oral histories were used by Toni Mayo in the compilation of her master’s thesis and book, Defining Flight.

This collection (1960s-2010; 0.2 cubic feet) documents Joseph P. Minton’s tenure as president of Purdue University Airlines, Incorporated, 1969-1971. Included among the material are photographs, newspaper clippings, info on Hugh Hefner’s plane, “The Big Bunny,” housed and maintained at the Purdue airport, brochures, annual reports, stationery, performance reports, Aviation Daily articles concerning Purdue Airlines, 1st working papers and miscellaneous historical documents, some written by Joseph P. Minton.

This collection includes documents and photographs documenting the relationship between Betty Nelson and Janice Voss

This collection contains aviation-related serial publications, copies of photographs, National Aviation Hall of Fame programs, and clippings pertaining to the life of aviatrix Zoe Dell Nutter.

This collection contains promotional materials, papers and publications related to the public relations, technical writing, and marketing career of Clifford Blake Powers. Included are NASA and mission related mugs, glassware, textiles, posters, press kits, and other printed material. Also includes NASA publications, photographs, journal articles, books, memorabilia, as well as awards and certificates achieved by Powers.

The Purdue Air Race Classic Team papers (1994-2005; 1 cubic feet) document the Purdue Air Race Classic teams’ involvement in the race. Included are team photographs, clippings, correspondence, general race information; including participant lists and race results, Purdue team updates provided throughout the races and Air Race Classic programs.

This collection includes photographs, negatives, and contact sheets created by Purdue University’s Marketing and Media department. Arranged by subject, these records include files on Purdue alumni astronauts and NASA.

The George Palmer Putnam papers (1909-1988; .25 cubic feet) include correspondence, photographs, news clippings, and articles related to the life of Putnam.

This collection includes NASA films from each of the two US Space Shuttle missions Kenneth Reightler served as pilot. Included are a crew presentation clip from STS-48 and a post flight press conference film for STS-60. The crew of STS-48 included Purdue University graduate, Mark N. Brown.

This collection of photographs (circa 1960s; 0.2 cubic feet) includes members of the NASA astronaut corps, NASA administration, and the Saturn missile. It includes both headshots and group photographs of various NASA personnel from the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs.

The Jerry L. Ross papers; (1940-2013; 29.15 cubic feet) document Ross' student life at Purdue, his test flight engineer work, and NASA career as an engineer and astronaut. The collection includes Purdue coursework and memorabilia; papers from Ross' work at Edwards Air Force Base, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and Test Pilot School; NASA Space Shuttle training and mission documents, memorabilia, and flight crew films and interviews.

The Emilio Salazar papers (1928-1975; 3.5 cubic feet) document flight instruction and maintenance from the post World War II era to the 1970s at Purdue. Aircraft covered by these materials are the DC-3, DC-6B, and DC-9. Materials from Salazar's later career cover pilot rules and regulations for Southwest, United, and Braniff International Airlines. Types of materials in the papers include: PAC and Purdue Airline employee information packets; printed material, consisting primarily of aircraft operations manuals, flight instruction handbooks, and aviation books; memoranda; notes; charts; and artifacts. Salazar’s Purdue Aeronautical Corporation pilot's cap and model air plane were added to the collection through a transfer from Purdue's Department of Aviation Technology in November, 2012.

The Ralph H. Schneck Military collection (2.2 cubic feet; 1854-1973) documents Ralph H. Schneck’s childhood, military training, and service during World War II in the United States Army Air Corps. Included are personal correspondence, photo albums, clippings, log books, post cards, artifacts, and a DVD of Schneck giving a personal account of his childhood until his enlisting in the Army.

This collection includes one photograph and several photocopied articles pertaining to the life and career of Arthur Sego, Purdue alumnus (1917) and test pilot, who died in 1918.

This undated typed manuscript titled, "Status of Project Mercury From the Test Pilot's Viewpoint" appears to be a paper given at a conference, possibly the 1959 meeting of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. The paper discusses the original objectives of Project Mercury, project delays --specifically delays in the initial capsule delivery. It outlines general problem areas with the program thus far, and discusses pilot training requirements. It contains hand written edits and notations throughout.

This collection from filmmaker Robert Stone includes the theatrical release of his 1989 film, “The Satellite Sky” and the log sheets, audio, film, and video Stone collected and used to produce “The Satellite Sky.”

This collection includes the personal notebooks (1976-1994) of Paul J. Weitz related to his career as an astronaut and Deputy Chief of the Astronaut Office and Deputy Center Director, Johnson Space Center.

The Wilmer Stultz Papers (1927-1928; 0.5 cubic feet) document Wilmer Stultz’s role as pilot in the 1928 transatlantic flight aboard the “Friendship” Fokker airplane. Types of materials in the papers include a flight plan, photograph, contract, letter, and Stultz’s pilot’s license.

The Pierre J. Thuot papers (1990 – 1994; 2 cubic feet) include writings, publications, photographs, presentations and films related to the U.S. Space Shuttle program and specifically related to missions STS-49 and STS-62.

The Janice Voss papers (1962-2004) document the youth and career highlights of astronaut Janice Voss. The collection includes elementary school class pictures and report cards as well as materials from her time as an astronaut. Items pertaining to her professional career consist primarily of materials created and collected by her parents to celebrate her participation in space shuttle missions during the period of 1993-2000, and also includes audio visual materials such as “flight day highlights” from her STS-63 mission as well as assorted videotaped interviews. Additionally, the collection contains a number of honors and awards presented to Voss by community organizations.

This collection includes eight volumes of Space Exploration and Moon Landings First Day Covers

This collection includes papers and memorabilia of Donald Williams, astronaut and Purdue alumnus (BSME 1964).

The Karl D. Wood papers (1935-1967; 0.5 cubic feet) document the teaching and aeronautical engineering career of Karl D. Wood. Types of materials include: correspondence, calendar notations, miscellaneous papers and newspaper clippings.

This collection includes the papers and working files of Professor Charles “Chuck” Ehresman. It includes correspondence, photographs, administrative records related to Purdue University’s Jet Propulsion Center and Thermal Physical Properties Research Center, 1960s – 1990s. Also included are Dr. Ehresman’s propulsion research files.

This collection includes nine cubic feet of papers and memorabilia of retired astronaut and Purdue Aeronautical and Astronautics Engineering alumnus, Mark N. Brown. Included are Purdue student memorabilia, NASA memorabilia such as Brown's personal NASA flight suit, a flown mission shirt with certificate, mission patches, space food, G-suit, a shuttle tile with documentation, photographs, slides, DVDs, a presentation on the history of manned flight, along with other papers and memorabilia. 1963-1991

This collection of postage stamps and writings relates to Alex Kvassay’s career with the Learjet Corporation. Aviation as represented in political and cultural imagery is particularly prevalent in the 68 binders of this collection.

The papers of David C. Leestma document his personal experience as an astronaut during the early years of the Space Shuttle program and as a NASA manager and director. Leestma served as manager and director at the Johnson Space Center’s Astronaut Office, Flight Crew Operations Directorate, Advanced Planning Office and for initiatives such as the Space Launch Initiative and the Orbital Space Plane program. The papers include writings related to cooperative efforts with Russia and Russian cosmonauts, the International Space Station, and the implementation of various programs and policies. 1971-2014

The Doris Hurt Powers papers document Powers’ student, aviation, and business activities. The collection includes speeches delivered by Powers that address challenges and opportunities encountered by women in the engineering and aeronautics field. In 1991, Powers was invited to Russia by the Russian Ministry of Aviation and Defense, and that trip is documented in this collection. The collection includes newspaper clippings, books, speeches, photographs, pamphlets, and artifacts. 1945-2011

The scrapbook documents U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Itasca's activities in the summer of 1937. The Itasca was involved in the search for Amelia Earhart's lost plane. Photos show landscape scenes, other ships, crew members, and local inhabitants

This scrapbook is comprised of clippings, correspondence and memorabilia relating to Amelia Earhart compiled by Josephine Blaine Barnes. Barnes was a classmate of Earhart at Hyde Park High School in Chicago, Illinois. Most of the clippings relate to a Chicago homecoming made by Earhart in 1928.

This collection includes films, recordings, news clippings, photographs, and papers related to Charles Bock’s career as an Air Force pilot and test pilot for programs such as the SR-71, B-1, and launch pilot for the X-2 and X-15. (circa 1956-2014)

The collection consists of the first day cover for the 100th Anniversary of the First Official Airmail, Balloon "Jupiter" which ascended from Lafayette, Indiana, August 16, 1859, along with a certificate of authenticity and a copy of the souvenir booklet. There are four "Jupiter" stamps and six other related airmail stamps in the collection.

These papers (1971-2002) include drawings, blueprints, and papers related to engineer Len Cormier’s work to design commercial reusable launch vehicles. Includes drawings and a scale model of the Space Van among other orbital vehicles.

This collection includes a commemorative song book (Moscow, 1962) honoring cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and a commemorative box set of matches with several images memorializing Yuri Gagarin.

Photographs and a newspaper clipping documenting John C. Franks’ time as chief flight instructor for the Civilian Pilot Training Program at Purdue University.

A scrapbook compiled in the 1930s by Purdue alum, Lloyd Everett Keck. This collection includes a glimpse into the academic, military, personal and social activities of an Engineering student while on campus from 1936-1939 as well as various aspects of his life prior to college from 1917-1936. Items included are photographs, various programs, football tickets, diplomas, certificates, grade reports, clippings, and a commencement invitation and address.

This collection includes rare books and ephemera related to women in aviation and its pioneers. Also includes writings and book reviews by Jacqueline Kruper on women in aviation.

The papers contain an article which describes the first flight around the world and Major Frederick Martin's part in it.

This collection includes recordings of interviews John Norberg conducted with Purdue University astronaut alumni. Included are interviews with Neil Armstrong, Steven Beering (former president of Purdue University), Eugene Cernan, Andrew Feustel, Michael McCulley, Jerry Ross, Loren Shriver, Charlie Walker, David Wolf.

Front page news stories relating to the Apollo 11 moon landing, John Glenn’s history making orbit around the Earth on Friendship 7, the ending of the Space Shuttle Program and other defining moments in the history of space exploration; periodicals collected and donated by B.H. Schneider.

The collection includes a DVD: Living in Space, unopened, signed by Bill Pogue; a book: “But for the Grace of God: An autobiography of an aviator and astronaut,” signed by Bill Pogue; and astronaut trading cards.

This collection includes items about Purdue University’s alumni astronauts donated to Purdue before the advent of the Barron Hilton Flight and Space Exploration Archives. Included are clippings, Purdue University News Service press releases relating to Apollo 11 and Neil A. Armstrong and various Apollo 11 related newspapers and clippings. Also included are Purdue publications and shuttle mission decals, patches and a replica of a mechanical toy that was involved in a shuttle (STS-54) mission experiment.

Included is one DVD, “50 Years of Aviation Technology (Purdue University)” (2014)

This accession includes scrapbook binders containing programs, photographs, pamphlets, and other program documentation from 1945 - 1979. Also includes slides, posters, Air Classic programs, various artifacts, Aviation Technology marketing materials, and six framed photographs of historic aircraft taken at Purdue Airport during the 1970s.

This accession includes seven scrapbooks documenting the history of Purdue's Aviation Technology Department, circa 1965-2005. The scrapbooks include news clippings, photographs, brochures, memos and other documents related to students, faculty, and related activities.

Two engineering test reports with related 8” x 10” photographs and one NASA publication; Saturn Illustrated Chronology, documenting Richard C. Roberts’ component testing on Saturn V.

Materials include photographs, floor plans, reports, newspaper clippings, brochures, and related documents pertaining to the early years of Purdue airport, Division of Engineering Sciences, and School of Aeronautics. (2 cubic feet, 1947-1969)

This collection covering 1943-1997, documents the role and history of the Curtis –Wright Cadettes at Purdue University during World War II. Includes photographs, programs, newsletters, and papers. Also includes materials on Cadette reunions.