Purdue Publications Index

Debris Yearbooks (1889-2008)

Purdue student yearbooks include photographs and information on students and faculty, various schools, departments, and campus organizations. Some include name indexes in the backs of the yearbooks, others do not.

  • Index Coverage: 1889-1990s
  • Location: Online. Physical copies are also available in the ASC Reading Room and Hicks Repository.

Exponent Newspapers (1889-present)

Purdue newspapers containing information on key events on campus, major changes and decisions made, new departments and organizations, and student and faculty profiles.

  • Index Coverage: 1889-1990s
  • Location: Location: Partially online. All years are available in microfilm on the HSSE Library Second Floor.

Purdue Alumnus (1914-present)

This is Purdue University’s alumni magazine. The indexing includes Purdue alumni, topics, and faculty.

  • Index Coverage: 1914-1970s.
  • Location: ASC Reading Room, Hicks Repository, HSSE Library.

Purdue Engineer (1905-2006)

This publication was created in 1905 under the title Engineering Review and quickly changed its title to the Purdue Engineering Review. Initially, it began as a scholarly type journal for all the Engineering Societies at Purdue, but then morphed into a more student oriented publication. In 1928 the name changed to the Purdue Engineer, and in 1973 the name changed again to the Purdue Engineer Magazine (PEM). The PEM ceased publication in the winter of 2006.

  • Index Coverage: 1905-1940s
  • Location: ASC Reading Room

Purdue Agriculturist (1906-1969)

The magazine began in 1906 and was managed, written, and edited by the students of the School of Agriculture, and later also the students of the School of Home Economics at Purdue University.

  • Index Coverage: 1906-1940s
  • Location: ASC Reading Room, Hicks Repository

Alumni Directory (1875-2008)

The early Alumni Directories provide a complete list of students with information on hometown, major, and career and location after graduation (when known). Due to the increasing number of graduates over time, the more recent alumni directories are not comprehensive and list only individuals who are members of the Alumni Association.

  • Index Coverage: 1880s-1940s
  • Location: ASC Reading Room; select volumes also in HSSE Library and Hicks Repository

Purdue News (1930-1953)

The Purdue News was a promotional publication for the University which published several issues each year and each issue covered a different topic. Some examples are: Home Economics, Agriculture, Summer Session courses, School of Science, Physical Education for Women.

  • Index Coverage: 1930-1939
  • Location: ASC Reading Room

Purdue Society of Civil Engineering, Proceedings (1896-1904)

Annual publication of the Purdue Society of Civil Engineers first published in 1896; most likely superseded by the Purdue Engineering Review. Contains the annual conference proceedings.

  • Index Coverage: 1896-1904
  • Location: ASC

Scrivener (1928-1952)

The Scrivener was the literary magazine of Purdue University beginning in January 1928. Contents include student authored short stories, poems, and reviews.

  • Index Coverage: 1928-1952
  • Location: ASC Reading Room, HSSE Library Periodical Stacks

Souvenir (1890)

This volume was published in 1890 to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of Purdue University’s first commencement and attempts to cover the history of the university from its founding in 1869 up to 1890.

  • Index Coverage: This is a single volume and has been indexed for department, faculty, staff, alumni, athletics, and club titles and names.
  • Location: ASC Reading Room