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Scene by George Winter

Scene by George Winter

Miss en nah go gwah by George Winter
"In the spring of the year 1837, having been led by a touch of romantic feeling to see and sketch the Indians of the Wabash, I found myself in the pleasant town of Logansport, located on the banks of the Wabash River..." [George Winter]

Despite little formal training in art, George Winter's drawings and watercolors of a vanishing culture have made him one of Indiana's best-known artists.

Throughout his lifetime, George Winter produced over 700 drawings and paintings, many of which are included in the TCHA George Winter Collection. Perhaps of most significance are his works documenting the Native Americans of Indiana. George Winter lived among the frontier communities, capturing first-hand the historic events and persons of the time with his pencil and brush.

This online collection features a number of George Winter's portraits and landscapes of the Native Americans of Indiana. Click here to see the artwork of George Winter.

[Information gathered from The Journals and Indian Paintings of George Winter, Wilbur D. Peat, Indiana Historical Society of Indianapolis, 1948]