Cords and Pots
Ode to the Whistling Pants
The 1904 Debris credits John James Stevens, Jr. with the Senior Cords introduction. Others who wore the first cords were Edward Wyllys Hyde, Jr. and Daniel Bernard O'Brien. The earliest reference to the tradition comes from a poem, written by Calen Edson Summers, BSEE of Carlisle, Indiana, which may be found in the November 10, 1904 edition of the Purdue Exponent.

Ode to the Whistling Pants
Strollin' down the street last week, -Vacant frame o' mind-
Heerd some screechin' raspin' sound, Comin' up behind.
I looks round and thinks, says I, Funny kind o' noise-
Nothin' a senior with, A pair of corduroys.
Curd to me the other day, Just remarked to Bill,
What a nuisance it would be, If senior's had to drill,
Every time the cap 'ud "hep", Breeches give a groan,
Officer 'ud haf to yell, Thru a megaphone.
Nacher fitted all the beasts, With some kind o' note.
Ever bug has got a screech, Comin' out his throat.
Queerest music ever seed, Elephants to ants,
I think its purty well agreed, Is a Senior's whistling pants. -C. E. S., '06
Ode to the Whistling Pants

Members of the Class of 1961 work on their cords,1200