This online exhibition was made possible through the generous support of Lockheed Martin.
The following individuals donated items that were used in the exhibit:

  • Neil Armstrong
  • Roy Bridges, Jr.
  • Eugene Cernan
  • Andrew Claire
  • Frederick Hovde
  • Ralph Johnson
  • George Palmer Putnam
  • Dean and Mrs. O.D. Roberts
  • Janice Voss
  • Donald Williams

The following individuals and organizations loaned items for the exhibit:

  • Neil Armstrong
  • Eugene Cernan
  • David Hovde
  • Jerry Ross
  • Tippecanoe County Historical Association

Exhibition Team

  • Shauna Borger, Digital Collections Coordinator
  • David Hovde, Research and Instruction Librarian
  • Sammie Morris, Head of Archives and Special Collections
  • Elizabeth Wilkinson, Processing and Public Services Archivist

Website Design and Technology Team

  • Chris McCullough, Multimedia Instruction Designer
  • Matt Riehle, Web Applications Developer
  • Shauna Borger, Digital Collections Coordinator

Photography and Digital Imaging Team

  • Shauna Borger, Digital Collections Coordinator
  • Kathryn Fuhs, Digital Initiatives Student
  • Carl Snow, Digital Initiatives Librarian
  • Pat Whalen, Reference Assistant