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Highlights from Indiana Farmer

Indiana State Fair

The Indiana State Fair first appeared in Indianapolis in 1852. Volume 2, Number 5 supplement reports on the First Fair. Volume 2, Number 7 reports on the planning for the second State Fair. Before returning to Indianapolis, the fair traveled to a number of cities in Indiana; Lafayette in 1853, Madison in 1854, New Albany in 1859, Ft. Wayne in 1865, Terre Haute in 1867. In September of 1892 the fair opened in its Indianapolis location, the Jay G. Voss farm, where it stands today..

Purdue University

Purdue University was established was established in 1869. Chartered as the Indiana Agriculture College, the university took the name of its chief benefactor, John Purdue. The first annual report of Purdue appeared in the newspaper 1874. An announcement of formal classes appeared in June 1874.

Indiana Experiment Station

The establishment of the Indiana Experiment Station was a mile stone in the development of Indiana agriculture. Frequently, reports appeared in the newspaper about the latest research. The nation was moving from an agrarian society to manufacturing.

Studebaker, Inc

The Studebaker wagon works was a long established company in South Bend. With the change from horses to horse power the Indiana Farmer did a four part series on the making of Studebaker Automobiles. Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, and Part 4.