Teaching Resources and Activities

Indiana Space Grant Consortium

The Indiana Space Grant Consortium website offers activities for K-12 kids as well as funding opportunities, scholarship and internship information for college students and educators.

Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight offers many resources for teachers, parents, and kids.

NASA Kids' Club

NASA Kids’ Club offers space related activities for younger children

NASA Education Page

NASA Education Page offers instructional material for Educators and for Students grades K-12.

NASA Space Place

The NASA Space Place has a lot of activities for students related to space.

The Planetary Society

The Planetary Society has videos for kids about Space and other scientific topics featuring Bill Nye.

PBS Parents

The PBS Parents website has many activities and tips for learning about science with children.

Purdue Space Day

The Purdue Space Day (PSD) website provides information on how to sign up for the annual PSD for grades 3 -8 and includes fun links for kids to explore.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

This website sponsored by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum teaches kids about how things fly.

U.S. government

Complete with lesson plans, activities, and games, this U.S. government site teaches science to students in grades K-8.