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The first series to be scanned in the Purdue University Engineering Bulletin collection is the Industrial Waste Conference.  Held from 1948 to 1997 the conference has presented cutting edge research on pollution control in an industrial setting.  For the first time users are able to keyword search the entire collection as well as search by title, and author.  We have also supplied a year by year view.  Please browse the collection and give us your comments.


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About us

There are numerous people that have been involved with several of the collections. Michael Fosmire has given this project vision for how it can be made most useful.  Frances Christman has worked diligently to insure the accuracy of all of the data.  Jan Addison has insured that the final quality checks were done and managed the metadata for each of the projects.  Kathryn Fuhs and Divine Eguzouwa have spent countless hours scanning the technical reports.